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Meat Gripper


When  food items are packaged
and headed down the conveyor belt for palletizing,
often the odd piece is mis-aligned. This is 
one reason the food processing industry turns
to Applied Robotics for solutions like collision sensors
or grippers that quickly detect positioning
issues, handle food safely and protect the larger
investment in robotics equipment. Another issue is cleanliness. 
There is nothing more important when working with food than
keeping things sanitary.


Applied Robotics' Meat Gripper is the only gripper to earn accceptance by the USDA.
It is designed to handle all types of meats, bacon, fish, and cheese in various
forms; fresh, frozen and sliced. The rapid open & close times and smooth  
movement make it ideal for use on todays high speed robots.
The unique pickup head allows portions or groups of portions to be loaded
gently, accurately and quickly into various packaging.


In addition to food, this gripper is a good choice for
hard to handle non-uniform products
in a variety of industries where performance and speed 
are critical to your automation needs.


 Meat Gripper


 Meat Gripper in Action at Adept


Meat Gripper on a FANUC Robot with vision

Additional Product Info

PartStream Datasheet (FDA Meat Gripper)

PartStream Datasheet (UDSA Meat Gripper)

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